Your Data is Threatened Left, Right and Center.

pccrashAll too many people have had this aggravating, and sometimes practically heart-stopping, experience: you’re working on a major project until all hours of the night, and you’ve put every ounce of your energy into it. Suddenly, the computer crashes and refuses to restart. The hard drive is toast! What’s even worse? You didn’t backup your data. Statistics show that every hard drive eventually crashes, even if you use it only a few hours a week. Are you prepared? Hard drive crashes are only one of the threats that can wipe off your data. Here is a more comprehensive list of threats that make it crucial to start backing up your data online today!

Total Computer Crashes

Computers, while they are wonderful devices, are also made of fragile chips, wires and circuits. You never know when it’s going to be the last day for your computer. Don’t take any particular make or model for granted. Even if you just purchased the latest computer, there could be a flaw in its making. You simply do not know when the day is going to come where your computer crashes. Instead of taking this risk, just be sure to back up all of your information online on a regular basis with one of our recommended online backup solutions.

Drive Crashes

Even if the entire computer does not flake out on you, one of the drives where you store your data could. Yes, saving your work to the computer is a good idea because you never know when the flash drive is going to break down or if you will lose it. Still though, you need to have both of these copies. Essentially, they are both working in the event that the other one stops. You probably have a lot of important work saved on your drive, so don’t take a chance with it.


The dreaded “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD), as it is known in the tech community, has ruined the lives of many.


Unfortunately, we live in a world where computer hackers seem to be growing. Not only do hackers try to get into your computer over the device and the Internet, but now some of them will call you at home and try to get you to let them take over your computer. While many people are aware of these scams, not everyone is. Therefore, you need to take control and be sure to back up all of your information before a hacker even has the chance to come in and steal it.

Stolen Laptops

No one wants to think about getting his or her laptop stolen. Not only do you have a lot of information stored on there, but you also spent a lot of money on that device. Do not feel that home computers are immune to this problem. Yes, a laptop is certainly easier for someone to steal, and it probably goes with you once in awhile. Still though, a person breaking into your house might be able to take the home computer. Be sure all of your devices are backed up to prevent this problem.

The Dreaded Frozen Screen

Not all computer problems requiring you to backup data have to mean that your computer is gone forever. You could encounter a problem that lasts for a short period of time but is fixed shortly after. However, this does not mean that your information will be saved. When your computer freezes, it’s a gamble as to whether or not the most recent information that you inputted has been stored and saved. In some cases, you might get lucky and find your document just as you had hoped, but this is not always what happens after the computer freezes.

Communal Areas and Swapping Devices

People use laptops for all different types of purposes, and you might be a student who brings your laptop to class and the library. Some times of the semester are a lot quieter than others, but if you’re studying during midterm or finals week, you can be sure that there will be a lot of commotion in the library. You may be part of a study group, and it’s possible that you could accidentally end up switching laptops with someone. Sure, you will get your information back, but you may need it before that time.

No Excuses Anymore

Back when typing up and printing out assignments first became popular, teachers and professors often understood if you lost an assignment on the computer. Back then, people did not necessarily realize all of the options that were available for storing data, and they also did not recognize the different problems that could come into fruition with a computer. Now, however, most teachers do not accept a broken computer as an excuse for turning in an assignment. They will tell you that you need to save your information on a backup source, and they will not accept the broken computer excuse. The same holds true for work situations.

Bringing Your Data with You

Of course, the problems that can occur with computers are a major reason for always backing up your data. However, you also have more ease and flexibility when you make it a habit to back up your information. For example, you can easily bring a project that you’re working on at home to a computer in the library. You do not always need to lug your computer everywhere with you simply because you are working on something. Small disks, flash drives and the like give you the flexibility that you need. You’ll have the most current version of your work available whenever you need it.

Backing up data is something that many people do on a regular basis; however, others feel that doing so is not necessary. If you are a part of the second group, then you really should consider the ways you’re making your own life more difficult and risking the safety of your work by not doing so