Top 5 Personal Backup Solutions in 2015

If you’re looking for a reliable online backup solution for your personal use, this chart will help you make the right decision. We’ve reviewed over 40 personal online backup solutions in 2015, and based on an extensive list of factors, these are the 5 that stand out. Although SOS Online Backup is our personal top choice, all the other 4 are great solutions that have their pros and cons. Remember, it’s not just about pricing! There are a variety of factors to take into consideration. We highly recommend that you download and try a few of them to see which one you feel the most comfortable with. Keep in mind that most of these are for 1 computer. If you need a backup solution for multiple computers, check out our top 5 family backup solutions and/or our top 5 small business backup solutions.

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5 Things to Look For in a Personal Online Backup Service

We understand that there are a lot of online backup and cloud storage solutions out there. However, many of them are overpriced, lack features, have hidden fees or simply don’t live up to their promises. We tested over 40 solutions to help simplify your research process. Here are 3 things we think are important to look for when seeking a personal online backup service:

1) Storage Space

We live in the digital age. We create data every day. If you take pictures or videos with your phone, you will need a lot of storage space. Many backup services offer a limited amount of storage at a cheap price, and then charge you extra for each additional gigabyte of storage. This can result in an ever increasing monthly price for your backup service. Want to avoid any headaches in the future? Go with unlimited storage. That peace of mind of knowing you’ll never need to worry about the size of your data is worth gold.

2) Security & Privacy

With all the government spying issues, it is important to choose a company that encrypts your data in a way that only you can have access to it. Out of the 5 solutions on this page, only JustCloud, Carbonite and CrashPlan offer such a high security encryption protocol.

3) Features

We all have smartphones or tablets, and we want some of our files to be synced across all our mobile devices. Make sure you choose an online backup solution that offers unlimited syncing. Another important feature is versioning. You want previous versions of each file to be available, in case you want to revert back to an older version. This feature is particularly important for developers, programmers, designers, writers, teachers, engineers, and other people that often edit the same files.

4) Ease of Use

If it’s too complicated, you will most likely not use it. Even advanced users don’t want to spend hours trying to understand how to use an online backup solution. The good news is that that five solutions reviewed on this page are extremely user-friendly and provide a simple interface and online tutorials for those that are less tech-savvy.

5) Help and Support

It is important to be able to get ahold of a tech support agent if you are encoutering trouble with your backup software. Check if your preferred backup software offers phone, chat, email and/or forum support, even outside business hours. Also, check if the solution you choose offers emergency backup restore options such as door-to-door hard drive shipping.