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 Quick Intro: SugarSync ( was developed in 2008 by a San Mateo CA based company. SugarSync is one of the most popular choices when it comes to online backups and cloud storage. It currently has millions of users worldwide, including major brands such as BestBuy, Lenovo, SanDisk, France Telecom, Korea Telecom and more. 

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There’s a lot to love about the delicious file-syncing and online storage service SugarSync. As a synchronization service, it’s one of the most simple and easy-to-use freemium services, and it’s partnered with some of the tech industry giants like SanDisk, Best Buy and Lenovo. Note that SugarSync, as its name implies, is a syncing solution and NOT a full backup solution like some other services we reviewed on this site.

The developers behind the service also frequently update the software and add in new functionality to keep up with demand. If you’ve never used SugarSync before, it’s a service that allows you to access the latest copies of your files without placing them on USB drives or dealing with emailing yourself. As a file synchronization service, SugarSync allows you to work on all of your files no matter what computer or mobile device you sync together. SugarSync provides a Web account to use as a cloud backup. For all of its services and features, the price is very cheap.  

Pros of SugarSync

  • Simple interface
  • Sync any file or folder
  • Apps compatible with most operating systems
  • Drag and drop functionality

Cons Of SugarSync

  • Cannot backup an entire computer.
  • No automatic or continuous backup.
  • No Unlimited storage.
  • Search function needs to look at file contents, not just metadata.

SugarSync Storage Space & Pricing

SugarSync gets users started with a free trial, so you can check out all of the features and decide if it’s the right service for what you need. There are five different plans that give you more storage capacity and features depending on what you pay. The lowest package is $7.49 a month for 60GB. If you’d rather just go with a free account, it’s best to only use this for personal use since you get just 5GB of storage.

There are a ton of features and options that this backup provides. For instance, SugarSync doesn’t have a lot of restrictions on the types of files that you can upload. You can place all kinds of video, music and .exe files on your SugarSync, but you can’t place Outlook .pst files, Microsoft Office .tmp, databases or the entire C drive on your account.

Sync Storage and Archive
SugarSync offers single file, single folder and entire system backup options. You set the conditions, and it works in the background to create the initial backup. Once you’ve finished this part of the process, SugarSync will automatically back up any file that you alter as you are changing it.

Files are stored on a cloud server, but SugarSync also provides a link that you can easily access to drag and drop files into or upload. This is called your “Magic Briefcase,” which can also be located under “Documents” in Windows Explorer or Finder. You can drag and drop your file into the briefcase, wait for SugarSync to sync them to your backup or upload your file online manually. You can also designate the letter of your SugarSync drive and easily access all of your files in Finder or Windows Explorer.

Multiple Versions
Your Web account with SugarSync will have five versions of each file so that you can easily restore after a disaster moment or when you save over something that you really didn’t want to change. You can also make sure that a file doesn’t undergo anymore changes using the “Web Archive” folder. If you place a file here, it will not update or sync automatically. If you delete a file by accident, you can also find it in in the “Deleted Files” folder on SugarSync, which allows for quick recovery.

Basically, SugarSync makes it so that you don’t have to worry about every losing an important file again.

Password-Restricted Access and Sharing
You can share any file with SugarSync, and you receive password protection so it’s easy to send a file to someone else or share an entire folder with multiple people. One major advantage to sharing with SugarSync is that you can invite certain users to view content like videos without having to deal with upload or download times like with email attachments.

You can also share files through social media. You can upload any photo from your SugarSync account to Facebook or Twitter, and there’s a slide show feature that you can share with specific people. The slide show option allows for full screen mode, gallery or preview.

Use SugarSync on Most Mobile Devices
There’s not too many mobile devices that SugarSync doesn’t work with. They have apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Symbian. It’s also compatible with any mobile browser, and you can sync across all over your devices, which provides you with access to any file or folder wherever you go. You can watch a movie while taking the train to work or check out photos from your trip while waiting on a flight.

Installation is super easy for mobile phones as well. After the installation, the app opens and asks if you want to sync your files and starts the process after you agree. You can then drag and swipe to go through your photos on your mobile device screen.

But Can SugarSync Provide for Businesses?

SugarSync also has options for businesses. The first plan offers a cloud backup service for three users. You can upgrade to 10 users for $550 per year. You can also continue to add more users to meet your business needs with $125 per user, each year. The great benefit to all of this is that business accounts get unlimited storage space. So you and all of your users can upload content to your heart’s delight. These are some of the features that are impressive for business users:

  • Public links for one-time download access to folders and files
  • Online collaborations made easy with private and public folder sharing
  • Users download files to their own computer, allowing them to edit, save and sync to provide access for other people at the office
  • File security with read-only limitations
  • Remote editing allowed
  • Users can work from any device as long as it’s connected to the Internet
  • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook for easy file linking and download tracking
  • Easy-to-use dashboard that shows storage space used, activity logs and access control monitoring
  • Live customer support

Is SugarSync Secure?

Every user wants to be sure that their files are secure when uploading anything to the cloud. SugarSync provides SSL 3.3 Transport Layer Security data encryption as well as handshake protocol. Data is also secured with a 256-bit AES encryption on SugarSync servers. You can also erase any data with remote wipe if you suspect your system has been hacked.

Download: Click here to sign up & download SugarSync
You first must download the setup file for your operating system at Instructions will pop up to guide you through the process. These instructions go through installation on a Windows PC.

1. Locate the file SugarSyncSetup.exe in your Downloads folder.
2. Double-click top open the file and start the installation wizard. Windows may ask to confirm this action, click “Run.”
3. Select your preferred language and click “OK.”
4. Read and accept the End User License Agreement by clicking “I Agree.”
5. When the Welcome screen appears, click “Next.”
6. Find the installation folder you want to use or accept the default location and click “Install.”
7. Installation should complete. Click “Finish.” SugarSync will now launch.
8. Log in to SugarSync using the email and password that you created an account with. Click “OK.”
9. Pick a name and icon for your device. When you log in using another device, you’ll easily be able to tell your devices apart. Click “Next.”
10. Start syncing files and folders by selecting those you want to backup with SugarSync.

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Review Overview

Value for Money - 69%
Storage Space - 64%
Ease-of-Use - 91%
Features - 63%
Security & Privacy - 80%
Speed - 82%
Customer Support - 80%


Great for Syncing!

Summary : Great syncing solution with a simple and user-friendly interface. Ideal for those with specific files to backup and sync. NOT ideal for large files or entire PC backup.

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