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Quick Intro: SpiderOak ( is a US based all-on-one solution to backup, sync, share, store and access data at the highest security/privacy level. Along with MEGA upload, SpiderOak is one of the only “government-proof” backup solutions there is out there. If you have sensitive data, this is the type of online backup service you need.

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SpiderOak offers a lot of amazing tools, versatile syncing options, sharing abilities and a secure backup all in one. If you love organizational tools and want more tools and more privacy than Dropbox, SpiderOak is definitely a cheap and reliable online backup and cloud storage option. We highlighted “privacy” because SpiderOak goes beyond the standard military-grade encyprtion level that most other cloud storage providers use. Their “zero-knowledge privacy” (as they call it) ensures that no one else but you will have access to your data. Basically, even if authorities would get access to your files, they would not be able to decrypt them and see the content. If you have sensitive business documents, photos or videos, look no further. This is the solution you need. 

However, the tools do take some getting used to, and those who are just beginning with cloud storage will need to play around with SpiderOak before being able to fully understand the strength of its capabilities.

Pros of SpiderOak

  • Highest level of security/privacy on the market! Their “zero-knowledge” privacy ensures that no one else but you will have access to your data. Basically, even if authorities would get access to your files, they would not be able to decrypt them and see the content. (see their website to learn more)
  • Support for all platforms, including MAC, PC, tablets and smartphones.
  • Lots of great tools, features and customization options
  • Room sharing options
  • Syncs, sharing and backups are integrated
  • File restore works perfectly
  • SpiderOak has an amazingly detailed FAQ with comprehensive video tutorials.

Cons Of SpiderOak

  • Design isn’t user-friendly at first (requires getting used to it)
  • No chat or phone customer support
  • No Unlimited Plan.

SpiderOak Storage Space & Pricing

Most experienced cloud customers will like all of the different sharing options, backup features and syncing capabilities of SpiderOak. To start backing up your data, you have to start the software and allow it to go through all of your data first. In advanced settings, you can see which files are currently being backed up.

You can restore files using “View” at the top of the SpiderOak software. It requires very little effort to simply restore any file that you have previously backed up.

SpiderOak’s website is easy-to-use but rather simple. There’s nothing impressive about the design. It has a dashboard and other features, but you can’t see any of your devices, files or manage any of your files. You also cannot set up any room sharing from the site. Everything goes through the downloaded software.

Plans, Amount of Storage and Pricing

SpiderOak has two plans for personal and business users.

There is always the free option, which provides 2 GB of storage for life. This includes backup, sync, share, access and storage on unlimited computers. You can also earn 10 gigabytes of free storage through the refer-a-friend program.

The Plus plan is $10 a month and includes 100 gigabytes and more of storage space. You can add another 100GB for just $10 more per month.

There are also some enterprise options, but these are not available for purchase directly on the site. Instead, you have to call SpiderOak customer service to setup a customized enterprise solution for your business.

Security & Encryption

SpiderOak boasts that no other backup service provides the same level of security. They guarantee that users’ files, file types, folders, file names and other personal information is kept complete private and not even accessible through a government subpoena. SpiderOak’s “True Privacy” feature does take care of the security concerns over saving data online, and there are also some other features like password protected sharing and encryption.

SpiderOak uses AES256 in CFB mode and HMAC-SHA256 for encryption. It also uses a nested series of key scopes and adds a new key with every folder, individual block and version of a file. This allows for more security and selective sharing.

Overall, SpiderOak really provides top-notch security for its users, even more than some of the widely personal and business cloud backup companies out there.

Bandwidth and Upload/Download Speed

SpiderOak is incredibly fast and provides a good amount of bandwidth for a free or a rather low price each month. You can sync your storage from anywhere, and once you get used to the tools, you can monitor your storage and bandwidth right from the software on your devices. A section called “Network” also allows you to connect by proxy and limit bandwidth usage for other users.

FIle Versioning, Backup and Restore

SpiderOak allows for multiple versions of files. The software stores multiple historical versions of a file automatically, and you can access any document from a specific point in time from any machine that is connected to your SpiderOak account. The developers created a data de-duplication system to save on storage space yet always offer multiple historical versions of files, so the same amount of space would be used to store the latest versions of any files.

Once you install SpiderOak, you’ll go straight to the main screen of the software which is the “Status” page. This gives you information about the three main areas of SpiderOak including “Back Up,” “Sync” and “Share.” This is a little redundant, but it may be helpful for new users to the cloud.

Once you click on the “Backup” tab, you can start selecting files and folders. You are given some categories like “Documents,” “Pictures” and “Desktop” to begin with. You can use advanced settings to use the native folder settings and place a check next to the folders that you want to backup. This gives users more control over what they’re backing up.

Restoring files is pretty simple after playing around with SpiderOak. You can view all of your files from the software or website. Under “View,” you can click on any folder and restore it by clicking “Download.” You can also download a file or folder from the website.

File Sharing

Sharing is probably SpiderOak’s best feature. This gives you control over how you share the folder and also ensures that it’s completely private. SpiderOak gives you a “Room Key,” which relates to the name that goes along with the file’s URL. You can then add a password to protect the file.

You can create all kinds of share rooms for anything that you have saved on SpiderOak. They are only accessed through the password. If you have a lot of files to share with friends or clients, this is a great option and makes it easy to upload multiple files.


You can sync across all of your devices with SpiderOak. While SpiderOak doesn’t charge extra for sync, you would have to pay extra for space that you needed to sync files above your limit. The sync feature is integrated into the application. You can set any number of sync operations across multiple devices. You simply select the fodlers you want to backup to SpiderOak. Once they are on the cloud, you can select multiple folders at once and sync to all of your other machines together. The process is quick and simple.

Maximum File Size Limit

SpiderOak has a file size limit of 9,999 GB, which basically means there is no size limit. There are also no size limitations to any files that you want to sync with SpiderOak.

Download: Click here to sign up & download SpiderOak (Free Trial Version)
To get started with SpiderOak, just click “Get Started Now” at the top of the site page or on the homepage. After you’ve signed up, the download will automatically start.

1. Double click SpiderOakSetup.exe to begin the installation. Click “Run” if Windows pops up. Click “Next” on the installation wizard screen.

2. Check if you “Accept” the End-User License Agreement and click “Next.”

3. Choose a location to install SpiderOak or just use the default location. Click “Next.” SpiderOak will begin installing its directory and software. Click “Finish” when it’s completed.

4. Open SpiderOak from your programs. The software will walk you through your first backup and will automatically have categories for folders like pictures, documents and desktop. You can set up your own or use the default categories. It’s all up to you.

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Review Overview

Value for Money - 97%
Storage Space - 60%
Ease-Of-Use - 75%
Features - 97%
Security & Privacy - 100%
Speed - 90%
Customer Support - 80%



Summary : Great All-In-One Backup Solution. Outstanding Privacy/Security level. We recommend that you try their free 2GB plan to see if this solutions is right for you.

User Rating: 3.45 ( 1 votes)

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