Online Backup or Cloud Storage? What is the Difference?

cloud_storageStorage is an important component of any business strategy, but the burning questions that always arise are, “Which is better, cloud storage or online backup? Are there any real differences between the two?” There are some subtle differences, and it’s important to know as you consider purchasing one or the other of the solutions. Here are some tips that you may need to know:

1. Online Backup is Recommended for Keeping Data Safe and Disaster Ready

If you have data at home or at work that you need to be safe and disaster proof, an online backup solution is recommended. These solutions will ensure that your data is accessible in the event of a disaster. Online storage is effective in certain environments. 

Carbonite is one of most popular online backup solutions available. These types of systems will keep sensitive documents such as tax returns, letters, spreadsheets, and photos safe. The online backup solution will copy the data from computers onto cloud servers to ensure safety of the documents. 

2. Cloud Storage is Recommended for Synchronizing Multiple Devices

If you want access to the same data on multiple devices and you want the data updated in real-time, cloud storage is recommended. When the data is stored at an off-site facility, it means your company is disaster ready. Cloud storage is recommended for Macs, PCs, and smart phones. 

Rapid synchronization is used to display the same information across multiple devices simultaneously. The information can be saved on multiple devices as needed for access during meetings or while on-the-go. If something happens to your primary device, you can easily log into your cloud storage at an Internet cafe or on a friend’s tablet. 

3. Storage Capacity is Typically Cheaper with Cloud Storage

Most cloud storage providers will offer up to 5GB of free storage with an introductory level account. Online backup storage companies often require customers to pay a price for every device covered. The more storage your company requires for devices, the more you’ll have to pay. That’s why many companies and private individuals choose cloud storage because it’s cheaper. 

4. Cloud Storage Typically Has Fewer Device Compatibility Issues

Cloud storage will work with any device that can accommodate an updated browser. Since no data will be stored on the device, it’s easier to navigate and operate. Compatibility is a big issue with other storage solutions. 

5. Sharing is Easier with the Cloud

With a cloud storage solution, there are more ways to share data. Data can be made public or private. Links can be made public or private, and sharing on social media websites is easier. Online backup solutions, however, are becoming more savvy in the social sharing sphere. 

6. Version Updating is Easier with Online Backup Solutions

When files have multiple versions, it’s easier to update them online backup solution. Typically, version control or updating is easier with online backup solutions because there is a specific functionality allocated to this task, but this is not always the case. There are numerous online backup solutions that lawyers and business people use that will update data and provide access to saved versions in real-time. Online backup solutions are known for long retention times and are authentic backup solutions. 

7. Image Protection and Scheduling are Benefits of Online Backup Storage

Image protection and scheduling are benefits of online backup storage that are not as explicit in cloud storage solutions. If you need these types of features, it’s best to try online backup storage solutions rather than cloud storage solutions. 

8. Both are Recommended for Disaster Recover and Business Continuity

Online backup storage is safe and has enterprise level encryption while at rest and while in transit, but the solutions are difficult to install and manage. The options for desktop protection may be scarce also. 

Online Backup or Cloud Storage? What is the difference?

There are many subtle differences, but the primary difference lies in the accessibility of the data. If you’re a business person on-the-go all the time, you’ll need cloud storage solutions. This will allow you to access data across multiple devices. Online storage backup solutions are authentic backup solutions, but they are often more expensive and difficult to install. Decide which solution is the best for you and make your selection.

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