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Quick Intro: Norton Online Backup is a solution provided by Symantec, famous for its anti-virus software suite. Although their anti-virus software was one of the best in the world, Symantec’s online backup solution is certainly lacking many critical features that other backup providers do provide.

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Norton Online Backup’s  application is a pretty standard backup system. It offers secure digital backups using complex encryption methods to safely store your files on an offsite location. The Norton Online Backup system is largely browser based, which means that files can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection, as long as the correct login information is supplied. They do not have an application that can merge with your windows explorer like Dropbox and others. Also, they do not allow you to backup/restore 1 file at a time. 

There are separate versions for Mac and Windows operating systems which can be purchased online and downloaded for $49.99, the subscription price for one year of use. Although the Norton Online Backup application makes you choose an operating system, the files can be accessed on a browser from a computer running any operating system. While $49.99 is more expensive than other backup services, it comes with an additional feature. For this price, you are allowed to backup files from five different computers onto one account. It is important to note that these files can be accessed by any computer, but files can only be uploaded by five computers. These computers can be running different operating systems.

A catch of this backup application is that you only get 25 GB in your initial purchase. Between five computers, that’s 5 GB each. This amount is fine for those uploading mostly documents, but can be a problem for people storing videos or pictures. However, you can purchase more space for your account.
The Norton Online Backup system has the benefit of being automated. So you can choose folders or files to backup automatically, and the Norton Online Backup system will save them periodically. Previous versions of these files are saved as far back as 90 days, which means that older versions can be accessed if necessary.

Pros of Norton Online Backup

  • Cross-platform Backup
  • Browser Access From Any Computer
  • Safe and Secure Storage
  • Backup Five Computers with One Subscription
  • Automatic Backups
  • Saves Previous Versions of Files for 90 Days
  • Ability to Purchase Additional Storage Space
  • Protection Against Accidental Deletion

Cons Of Norton Online Backup

  • Limited Initial Storage Space.
  • Relatively High Price.
  • Can Only Purchase Yearly Subscription.
  • No Linux Support.
  • No Unlimited Storage Option.
  • No Responsibility for Lost Files.
  • Lacks Many Features.
  • Sometimes Run Slow.

Norton Online Backup Storage Space & Pricing

For the initial price of $49.99, you are given 25 GB of storage space to allocate amongst five computers as you please. If this is not enough, more space can be purchased for the following prices:

  • 10 GB: $29.99
  • 25 GB: $49.99
  • 50 GB: $79.99
  • 100 GB: $149.99

Norton Online Backup Security & Encryption

This online backup system claims to use “Government-grade Encryption” to secure your files. The files are encrypted with a 128-bit SSL encryption when being transferred online. When they are stored in Symantec’s offsite servers, a 256-bit AES encryption is used.

Norton Online Backup Bandwidth and Upload/Download Speed

Norton Online Backup uses bandwidth throttling to control your upload and download speed. The bandwidth usage is controlled by the user and can be set to fastest possible if that is desired. This is an excellent function because it allows you to choose how much of your bandwidth is being used, so you can prevent other applications using the internet from slowing down while you upload or download files.

Norton Online Backup File Versioning

Norton Online Backup offers the very high file versioning limit of 90 days. This means that all versions of any given file are saved in addition to the edited version, as long as the edits were made within the last 90 days. This function is especially useful to anyone who edits files often, such as writers, graphic designers, or programmers.

Norton Online Backup File Sharing

One of the drawbacks of the Norton Online Backup application is that it does not offer direct file sharing. However, while you can’t share a folder or file with anyone, the files can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection and the correct login information.

Norton Online Backup Syncing

Norton Online Backup offers syncing for up to five computers, which can upload files to the same server. Beyond that, any computer can be used to access these files with valid login information.

Norton Online Backup Maximum File Size Limit

Norton Online Backup has a maximum single upload limit of 1.5 GB to 3 GB. So a file larger than this can not be uploaded at one time. While this is done to prevent server crashes, it prevents you from uploading large files that you might need to backup.

Download: Click here to sign up & download Norton Online Backup
The client must be purchased and downloaded here before use. The client will be installed by opening the downloaded file, along with an installation of a couple other files used to upload your files to their server. After the application is installed, you can open it from your desktop or applications folder, depending on your operating system. You then get to name the computer you have just installed the application on for future reference. Once you have done this, you choose which files to backup. You can choose files based on extension, such as all .png files, or choose specific folders to navigate to and select the files you want backed up from the folder. You can then choose when you want your files backed up. The smallest interval offered is once a day, and you can choose between morning, afternoon, evening and night for this interval. You can also choose once a month, week, or automatic, which backs up randomly (not whenever files are edited). You can also initiate backups yourself if these intervals are not satisfying for you, or use another one of your five linked computers to begin a backup on another.
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Review Overview

Value for Money - 64%
Storage Space - 72%
Ease-Of-Use - 93%
Features - 62%
Security & Privacy - 80%
Speed - 63%
Customer Support - 80%



Summary : This is a very basic online backup solution. It's great for families looking for something simple that would allow them to backup up to 5 computers. If that's what you're looking for, this is a great option.

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