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Quick Intro: MyPCBackup ( is developed by JDI Backup, a UK based company that specializes in backup software. The company has been in the business for decades, making it one of the oldest in the industry.

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We were pleasantly surprised by MyPCBackup. It’s a simple and easy to use online backup service that will meet the needs of most individuals. If the word “Unlimited” sounds like music to your ears, MyPCBackup might be the right choice for you. In fact, it offers unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited file versioning at a very low price.

With MyPCBackup, you get full backups of your computer performed on a daily basis. You can even set your own backup schedule and have them done more frequently. MyPCBackup also allows you to sync files with your smartphone, tablet or work computer. (click the Storage & Features tab for more details)

Now, we found MyPCBackup somewhat slow when it came to restoring large hard drives, but that is to be expected. Notet that MyPCBackup also lacks support for Linux operating system, and doesn’t have a Live Chat feature for support. Because of all the great features and its low pricing, MyPCBackup has earned a spot in our 2014 top online backup rankings. Since they have a free trial account, we highly recommend you give it a try and see for yourself if this backup software is right for you. Overall, if you’re looking for a simple to use and unlimited online backup solution at cheap price, MyPCBackup is a great choice.

Pros of MyPCBackup

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited File Versioning
  • Cheap Price
  • NO Credit Card Required for Trial Version
  • Secure Storage on Amazon S3 Datacenter
  • Easy to Use
  • App available for most mobile devices

Cons of MyPCBackup

  • Does NOT support Linux

MyPCBackup Storage Space & Pricing

MyPCBackup is popular for their highly affordable Unlimited plan, but they also offer cheaper limited plans. Here are the 3 plans they currently offer:

  • 75GB plan – $4.49 per month.
  • 250GB plan – $4.95 per month.
  • Unlimited – $6.95 per month.
Note: With 1 account, MyPCBackup lets you do a full backup of only 1 computer, but lets you sync certain files and/or folders that you choose with an unlimited amount of mobile devices or computers. For example, you can backup your entire home computer, and sync your work files with your smart phone, tablet and work computer. If you would like to do a full backup of more than 1 computer, MyPCBackup lets you purchase an additional license at the discount rate of $24 per year.

MyPCBackup Security & Encryption

MyPCBackup uses the robust Amazon S3 datacenter to backup your files. Also, MyPCBackup claims that they use 256-bit AES encryption to ensure the security of their clients’ files.

MyPCBackup Bandwidth and Upload/Download Speed

MyPCBackup has no bandwidth limit. This basically means that when you are uploading files, you are only limited by the speed of your own Internet connection. However, note that MyPCBackup has a bandwidth throttle that allows you to set a speed limit. This is an extremely useful feature as it allows you to keep surfing the web or working on your computer without feeling as though your backup process is taking up the whole speed. (Internet connection clogging)

MyPCBackup File Versioning

MyPCBackup offers 7 day file versioning for regular accounts. What this means is that if you accidentally overwrite a file, MyPCBackup will create a separate version of that file and store the older one automatically for you (in case you want to go back to a previous version in time). MyPCBackup offers paid upgrades to 30 days or Unlimited amount of days for an additional fee. File versioning is a great feature and is particularly useful for people who work on the same files over and over again. (e.g. programmers, writers, designers, teachers, etc…)

MyPCBackup File Sharing

We loved MyPCBackup’s file sharing feature! It’s easy to use and lets you share files with friends, family or co-workers in minutes. You can share files 4 different ways (see screenshot below): from account-to-account, publicly, publicly with a password and through social media. This feature completely eliminates the need to send files through email (which is not only time-consuming, but totally NOT secure).


MyPCBackup Syncing

This is another great feature that unfortunately many other providers don’t have. MyPCBackup offers its users the ability to sync files between an unlimited amount of devices and computers. This is a great feature as it allows you for instance to sync your work files from your office computer to your home computer. With this feature, you can work at home without worrying about losing any files or hours of your hard work. For regular accounts, MyPCBackup offers up to 1GB of sync space. Those that need more sync space can upgrade their sync space storage at a small additional fee.

MyPCBackup Maximum File Size Limit

While the Storage space can be unlimited, the maximum size per 1 file is NOT. In fact, most backup services have a limited size per file. MyPCBackup has a 5GB limit per file for paid accounts (which should be enough for even large video files). For Free Accounts, the limit is 5MB. MyPCBackup even allows its paid account holders to customize the limit per file, as shown in the screenshot below: filesizelimit

mypcbackup-mobile ScreenHunter_31-Jun.-24-20.40 mypcbackup_support Capture MyPC_Backup_4

Download: Click here to sign up & download MyPCBackup (Free Trial Version – NO credit card required).

MyPCBackup uses a small desktop application to backup your content to the cloud.

1) Once you install the app, you will be able to select which files or folders you would like to backup.

2) Any changes you bring to those files will be automatically backed up daily. Also, any additional files or sub-folders you create within the selected folders will also be backed up.

Note: You also have the possibility of setting up a scheduled backup. (e.g. set MyPCBackup to run a full backup every day, week or once a month.

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Review Overview

Value for Money - 90%
Storage Space - 100%
Ease-Of-Use - 90%
Features - 84%
Security & Privacy - 72%
Speed - 91%
Customer Support - 90%


Summary : Easy to Use and Affordable Unlimited Storage. Great Value for Money!

User Rating: 3.45 ( 1 votes)

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