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Quick Intro: Mega Backup ( is a new cloud storage product that comes from the same people as MegaUpload. While MegaUpload has already proven itself as a file sharing service, the cloud storage has a way to go to be as impressive. Much of this has to do with the controversies of Kim Dotcom, the man that is behind the company. He was arrested for alleged privacy over MegaUpload and that included an FBI raid of his home.

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The product itself focuses on security more than anything else does. You will be able to enjoy encryption keys that are based upon your password. No one has the key stored, which means that no one has the ability to check in on the files that you have stored. The positive aspect of the company is that you can enjoy up to 4 TB of storage, which is more than most people will ever need.

Right now, Mega Backup has a long way to go to be comparable to the other cloud storage companies in terms of features though. They have a lot of security and tiered plans, but everything else is pending. There is no desktop client and no mobile apps, though this is all soon to come. The features are simply not available yet, which makes it hard to compare to the other companies that have been around for years and have a large number of features to enjoy.

With a few different options on plans that give you access to storage and bandwidth, you can choose which one is right for you. There is also a free plan that gives you as much as 50 GB of storage for free. It’s one of the most affordable plans out there, so it’s worth looking into when you need to save money and enjoy cloud storage.

Pros of Mega Backup

  • Zero Knowledge Privacy (No one else but you will have access to your files)
  • Megabox music streaming to come
  • Significant amount of security
  • Affordable plans

Cons Of Mega Backup

  • Lack of mobile apps.
  • Lack of desktop client.
  • Lack of features.
  • No Unlimited storage.
  • No live chat or other support

Mega Backup Storage Space & Pricing

You can store up to 50 GB for free. After that, there are tiered plans that you can look into.

  • Pro I: 500 GB of storage – $9.99/month
  • Pro II: 2 TB of storage – $19.99/month
  • Pro III: 4 TB of storage – $29.99/month

Each plan is for one computer. Currently, there are no “business” plans in place where multiple computer or server plans can be added. In order to share files with others, they have to create an account as well, even if it is the free one.

The plans are more affordable in comparison to come of the other service providers out there, but it comes down to whether the features are enough for you or not.

Mega Backup Security & Encryption

Mega Backup has a significant amount of security and encryption. They have what is known as a “Zero Knowledge Privacy” in place. All of the files are encrypted even before you upload them and they remain encrypted in the online storage. The password is used as your encryption key base and is not stored with MEGA. Essentially this means that no one can snoop through your files, even those who work with the cloud storage company.

Mega Backup Bandwidth and Upload/Download Speed

The bandwidth is dependent upon the plan that you purchase. You can enjoy anywhere between 1 TB and 8 TB of bandwidth. If you want the larger bandwidth, then you have to go with the 4 TB of storage, too, which is $29.99/month.

The upload and download speed has been tested and does well. It is all dependent on what the speed of your own Internet connection is, however. If you have a DSL or T1 connection, you will be in better shape to use the service.

Mega Backup File Versioning

You don’t get any kind of file versioning with Mega Backup. If you want to be able to access some of the older versions of files that you have created, then this is not the cloud backup program for you. The better companies offer anywhere from 30 days of file versioning to forever. Mega does not mention anything on the site about whether they will add file versioning in the future, so it is always worth looking into. Remember that they only launched the service in 2013.

Mega Backup File Sharing

You can share files and folders in a number of ways with Mega Backup. The only way to share, however, is if the other people that you share with have an account with MEGA as well. You can share your file with a link and it will all be encrypted. The versatility is not comparable with some of the other cloud storage sites, however, so you may find it a bit limiting.

Mega Backup Syncing

You have the ability to sync with all of your computers and mobile devices. One thing to know is that the sync download client is only available for Windows. Mac and Linux versions are currently in the process of being developed.

Mega Backup Maximum File Size Limit

There is no limit on the file size. This means that you can backup any file that you want. Whether it’s a document, a spreadsheet, or even an HD video that is three hours long, you have the ability to upload it using Mega Backup.

Download: Click here to sign up & download Mega Backup
You don’t need to download anything in order to begin using the cloud storage program. As soon as you visit the website of Mega Backup, you can use the click and drag method to keep all of your files protected. You can protect chats, emails, and all of the files that are important to you.

1. Create an account

2. Log in

3. Begin uploading

4. Update your settings

Various apps can be used as well. Depending on the browser that you use, download the Chrome or Firefox app to make it easier to choose the files that you want to backup – as well as anything that you stream inside of the browser.

The Sync client will also let you choose what you want to sync and with what frequency. Currently this client is only made for Windows.

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Review Overview

Value for Money - 84%
Storage Space - 84%
Ease-of-Use - 84%
Features - 55%
Security & Privacy - 100%
Speed - 82%
Customer Support - 80%


Unbelievable Security Level!

Summary : Great for those needing a super secure solution for storing sensitive data.

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