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Quick Intro: Dropbox ( is one of the most popular file storage solutions for both business and personal users. Headquartered in San Fransico, California, the company was founded in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, two MIT graduates. 

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Although Dropbox is not exactly a complete backup solution, we still decided to review it and include it on our website. Dropbox is a more of a file storage and syncing solution. Dropbox basically allows you to create a special folder on your drive, that you can access form an computer or device. It has the benefit of being a simple, elegant and mobile cloud storage tool that has received high ratings from all kinds of technology media like PCMag. The cloud storage service allows users to store files while also supplying powerful encryption on multiple servers and allowing uses to easily retrieve files at a moment’s notice. If you’re looking for a solution that would help you store and sync only a selected amount of files, Dropbox may be a good choice. However, if you want to backup your entire computer or mobile devices and set automatic backups to be conducted in the background, Dropbox is not the right choice. 

Pros of DropBox

  • File synchronization is easy and painless.
  • All kinds of apps can be installed on any operating system.
  • Servers are dependable and high quality.
  • Software takes seconds to install.

Cons Of DropBox

  • Low Storage Size.
  • Cannot backup entire computer.
  • No automatic or continuous backup.
  • Dropbox doesn’t allow for collaboration on files in sync with others.
  • It’s confusing to find locations of files if you have multiple folders.
  • Can be extremely slow with large files.

DropBox Storage Space & Pricing

Dropbox makes it easy to sign up. However, you won’t be able to view any information about Dropbox’s plans until you sign up. Once you do, you are given a chosen of three different plans including basic, pro and business.

Basic Plan

  • The basic plan for Dropbox offers 2GB and more for free. This is best for personal and casual users who have some files to store like pictures, documents and a few videos.

Pro Plan

  • With pro, users pay $9.99 a month and receive 100 GB and more for whatever they need including large projects, tons of videos, documents files and 20,000 photos. If you own a small business, pro may be the best choice because it allows you to work from anywhere and you receive 10 times the bandwidth than the free edition. You also get customer support from Dropbox.

Business Plan

  • It’s best to start out with the free trial and go from there. Dropbox gives you storage for five users with as much space as you need and unlimited version history. The powerful admin features make it a dream come true for businesses with a ton of projects and dense folders that they need to share from wherever they go. Many businesses already use Dropbox for business like Kayak, Foursquare and National Geographic.

Security & Encryption

Dropbox has modern encryption methods that allow you to transfer and store data easily and quickly. It uses Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) and AES-256-bit encryption to make sure that files are secure. There’s also a two-step verification process that adds another layer of security at the login. You can choose to receive security codes by text or through time-based one-time password applications. In addition, files that you set to public can only be viewed by people who are given a link to the file.

Note: Dropbox does not offer “Government-proof” security levels like MEGA, SpiderOak, CrashPlan and others. With a subpoena, Dropbox will hand over your files to authorities and they will have access to the content of your files.

Bandwidth and Upload/Download Speed

Bandwidth on Dropbox is smart because it doesn’t use more than it has to and won’t interfere with your normal Internet use. In fact, Dropbox states that it only throttles about 75 percent of maximum upload speeds to prevent any Internet connection loss during browsing. Downloads are also available for the fastest speed available. You can also change the bandwidth settings through the Dropbox software.

File Versioning

Even though you have probably never experienced a time machine, that’s exactly what Dropbox offers to its users. It continuously stores snapshots recording changes that you make in the Dropbox folder over the past 30 days, and if you want to save longer dates, you can always use the Packrat feature. This means that even if you save something you don’t want or if a file has been deleted, you can likely recover it through the file versions saved on Dropbox. Packrat is only available for Dropbox Pro accounts and is also included at no cost for Dropbox for Business.

File Sharing

The best feature of Dropbox is probably its file sharing and syncing mechanism. You can easily create links to share files and folders in your Dropbox. You can add passwords, set private or public access and change permissions in your browser or desktop. Dropbox makes it easy to share multiple files, but it’s not a tool that’s ideal for collaborations.


You can sync files between all of your connected devices including smartphones, tablets and computers with Dropbox. You have to install the Dropbox application and sign in with the same login in order to do so. You can add the files that you want to your Dropbox, and they will automatically be synced to all of your other devices. You can also create a shared folder to sync files with other people through your Dropbox as well.

Maximum File Size Limit

If you upload a file to Dropbox through a mobile app or desktop application, there is no file size limit up to the maximum that your Dropbox would allow. For example, you wouldn’t be able to upload a 3GB file if you have a free acount. If you upload a file through the website, you also have a 10GB file size limit.

Download: Click here to sign up & download DropBox
You first have to go to the Dropbox download site. You should install the Dropbox application on all of your devices for the most synchronization and storage. Once you have Dropbox installed, a folder will appear on your hard drive.

1. Click on “Free Download” to start downloading Dropbox.exe. The file will automatically download to your “Downloads” folder or other folder set to receive your downloads from the web.

2. Double-click “Dropbox.exe” to open and start the installation process. Click “Yes” to allow changes to your computer from Dropbox.

3. Follow the setup instructions with the installer. These will walk you through how to setup the location of Dropbox and set basic preferences. Once you’re done with the installer, you can open and start using Dropbox.

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Review Overview

Value for Money - 70%
Storage Space - 64%
Ease-of-Use - 100%
Features - 82%
Security & Privacy - 82%
Speed - 75%
Customer Support - 86%


Good Solution!

Summary : Ideal for those with a few files to backup and sync, NOT for entire computers or large files.

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