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 Quick Intro: Carbonite ( was founded in 2005 with the belief that online storage should be easy, powerful and affordable. The company is headquartered in Boston, MA and has won a lot of national awards for its fast growth and stellar customer service. Carbonite recently received the 2013 Silver Stevie Award for Contact Center of the Year and has been featured on The NY Times, The Boston Globe, PC Magazine and many other leading networks.

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Consumer and corporate storage needs are the central focus of Carbonite cloud storage and backup services. They strive to provide a secure solution, while also being affordable and simple for every type of user.

Family photos, music, and home office information are treated with the same priority as sensitive business information. Privacy protection of personal records, such as financial data, is ensured through file encryption and transmission to the secure data center. The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) used by Carbonite is one of the strongest types of secure data transmission available.

Carbonite is easy to use for backup, as well as easy restoration of the data by the click of one single button when necessary. It is an automatic setup once installed, and runs quietly in the background to automatically update with any new files. In addition, the schedule can be adjusted and customized to perform backup after business hours to avoid using excess bandwidth during peak times.

Running a business with important virtual data is no longer a risk for unexpected setbacks that can happen at any time. Rather than scramble to locate a zip drive or hard copy after a system crash or laptop theft, trust business data to the cloud. Employees that work out of town or from home now have the ability to share access with anyone in the company through the browser-based dashboard.

Due to restoration issues, it is best to participate in the free trial prior to purchasing a subscription. Wait times with customer service may be extensive, and support agents are found to be more friendly than knowledgeable.

Pros of Carbonite

  • Access file backup from any computer with Internet access
  • Free mobile app access using Android, iOS, or Blackberry
  • Unlimited storage space available to easily manage a personal computer all the way up to a large business
  • User-friendly and simple
  • Easy recovery even with unstable Internet connection
  • Free trial before purchase commitment
  • HIPAA compliance for adhering to federal regulations for the healthcare or insurance industries

Cons Of Carbonite

  • Yearly subscriptions only. Month-to-month billing not available
  • Large restoration may be slow on average Internet connection
  • Long hold times for customer support
  • Not all file types are automatically backed up
  • Not Linux compatible
  • Priority Support requires an additional $19.95/year

Carbonite Storage Space & Pricing

Carbonite offers affordable plans with a yearly subscription for every level of cloud user. Additional tiers vary in price from the basic minimum, and include additional features. Here are the 3 base plans and tiers they currently offer:

Personal – Unlimited Space

  • Basic – $59.99/year per computer
  • Plus – $99.99/year per computer
  • Prime – $149.99/year per computer

Pro – Unlimited Computers

  • Basic – $269.99/year for 250GB
  • Plus – $499.99/year for 250GB
  • Prime – $599.99/year for 500GB

Server –

  • Basic – $799.00/year for 250GB
  • Plus – $899.99/year for 500 GB
  • Pro Bundle – $999.99/year for 500 GB


Carbonite Security & Encryption

Carbonite uses the 128-bit Blowfish encryption prior to transmission. Encrypted files are sent to a state-of-the-art data center using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. On-site guards, stable power supplies, and personnel restricted access are extra data measures taken by the data centers to ensure confidentiality of all files.
Server plans feature military-grade AES 256-bit encryption technology.

Carbonite Bandwidth and Upload/Download Speed

Originally, Carbonite offered 2mbps transfer speed for the first 200GB, however, users were throttled down to only 100kbps once reaching the limit. In response to negative customer feedback, they removed the bandwidth throttling cap of 200GB. An increase enables an overall faster backup time, claiming to be up to 500% faster in upload speed.

Carbonite File Versioning

Windows users are able to make changes to original files, while also having up to three months of previous versions available in case of mistakes. Other deleted files are stored on the server for 30 days to give users an opportunity to recover data that may be accidentally deleted.

Carbonite File Sharing

Currently, there is no capability to share files because Carbonite is considered strictly an online backup of documents.

Carbonite Syncing

Personal plans give customers the ability to instantly create, edit, and view files from anywhere there is access to Carbonite software. The Sync & Share app enables access to files on a computer with Internet, or compatible mobile device, as needed. Old documents can be accessed easily, but recently accessed files from the last 30 days appear in a list within the application.

Carbonite Maximum File Size Limit

4GB, but this can be changed with a manual override.

Download: Click here to sign up & download Carbonite
1) Sign up for free trial (15-days Personal, 30-day Pro or Server), or purchase subscription of desired plan.

2) Select all devices to be protected, including laptops, desktops, and servers.

3) Download and install Carbonite software.

4) Select either Automatic or Advanced settings to choose files to backup, schedule of backup times, and set private encryption key.

5) Ensure file and folder selections with the Carbonite Backup Drive


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Review Overview

Value for Money - 88%
Storage Space - 100%
Ease-Of-Use - 90%
Features - 86%
Security & Privacy - 75%
Speed - 93%
Customer Support - 90%



Summary : Carbonite is a solid all-in-one backup platform with the BEST customer service in its category. Unlimited storage at an affordable price. Try their Free Trial Version to see if it's right for you.

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