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Quick Intro: BackBlaze ( is a rapidly-growing online backup and cloud storage service developed by BackBlaze Inc, a California based company. It prides itself for offering unlimited storage, unlimited file size, file versioning and various restore options (including the option of fedexing you a flash drive or external USB drive with your data in it!)

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To be honest, BackBlaze is one of the top online backup and cloud storage services we had a chance to review. Its Unlimited storage, low pricing point and wide array of features make it very hard to beat. When it comes to protecting all the data on your computer (and mobile devices) from unpredictable crashes, natural disasters, viruses and even theft, BackBlaze does an amazing job and goes beyond the standard features. If you’re looking for a reliable Unlimited storage at the cheapest price point, this is it.

As we mentioned before, BackBlaze is backed with a lot of features that other programs don’t have. They have a feature that lets you locate (through GPS) any lost computer or mobile device. Also, if you lose all your data and you don’t feel like downloading all of it back through the Internet, you can ask them to fedex you a USB flash drive ($99) or a USB Hard Drive ($189) that contain all your data. There is also an iPhone app so that you can access your data just as easily as you access it on your computer. It will locate your computer, provide you with military-grade encryption, and allow you to restore data to virtually any location. Backblaze gives you unlimited data and the price cannot be beat. The pricing program is relatively simple, which can be a problem for large businesses. There is no option for cloud storage for more than one computer. This means that it would be necessary to pay an individual monthly fee per computer. Even when paying for additional accounts, it can be affordable than many other services, though a little more time consuming.

Pros of BackBlaze

  • Multiple Restore Options.
  • Unlimited backup space.
  • Wide Array of Features
  • Fast connection for data uploads.
  • Low pricing.
  • Backup frequency is continuous.
  • No limit on file type or size.

Cons Of BackBlaze

  • No Android app. (as of February 2014, they say it’s coming soon)
  • No File Sharing feature.
  • No plan for multiple computers.
  • 4 weeks file versioning. (Some providers we reviewed on this site offered Unlimited file versioning)

BackBlaze Storage Space & Pricing

The listed pricing is for unlimited data on a single computer. There is no restriction on file size or type. The pricing is broken down based upon how much of a contract you want to sign. The storage facility that is used is in Oakland, California. The company only uses one storage facility.

  • Month to Month – $5/month
  • 1 Year – $50 ($4.16/month
  • 2 Years – $95 ($3.96/month)

Prepaying for two years is obviously the way to go because it can be a substantial savings.

Backblaze Security & Encryption

Backblaze boasts military grade encryption levels to protect your data. The encryption for transferring data where things are more susceptible for loss, there is 256-bit encryption. For storage, there is 128-bit encryption with AES. The key is stored with 2048-bit RSA level encryption, offering one of the highest levels of security available on the market.

Backblaze Bandwidth and Upload/Download Speed

There is no bandwidth limits on Backblaze and there is no bandwidth throttle. This means that they do not interfere with the speed of your Internet in terms of upload or download. The faster your connection, the faster the program will work in terms of backing up and restoring. Other companies place throttle restrictions, which is why many people complain about slow upload times. You won’t experience that with Backblaze. If you’re not happy with the upload and download speed, it is on your end, not Backblaze’s end. You can try going with a cable connection if you are still on dial-up or even consider upgrading to a T1.

Backblaze File Versioning

File versioning is a little unique with Backblaze. It will be able to support the fact that you have multiple versions of a file. If you make changes to the same file over and over again, the files will be saved – but only for 30 days. If you feel that you will still need the older files, you will need to rename them manually to ensure that you don’t lose the file. The good news is that most of the other cloud providers only offer 7 days of file versioning, if anything.

Backblaze File Sharing

There is no file sharing with Backblaze. This is one of the downsides to the program, though there are still plenty of other features that you can benefit from with this software. If you really want to do file sharing, there are other programs that you can look into that are free so you can use it alongside of Backblaze without spending any additional money.

Backblaze Syncing

You will have the ability to sync with your single computer and the cloud on Backblaze. This is a continuous backup so you never have to worry about setting a reminder or doing anything else. As you make changes to a file or folder on your computer, the changes will be reflected in the cloud. You can focus on your data and the organization will be done on your behalf.

Backblaze Maximum File Size Limit

There is no file size limit. This means that it’s possible to upload as many files as you want without the program telling you that you have reached your limit. Some programs offer unlimited file space but places a limit on the file size. Backblaze is not one of these. There is also no limit in terms of the types of files that can be backed up to the cloud. Since there is no limit, you have more opportunities for larger files. Security data from cameras can be updated. A 12 hour, 1080p video can be uploaded without getting an error stating that a file cannot go through to the cloud. This frees up your options considerably.

Download: Click here to sign up & download BackBlaze (Free Trial Version)
Installing Backblaze is simple to do. The file can be downloaded right to your computer from the website. From there, you will be able to choose all of the files and folders that you wish to backup within the cloud. 1. You can backup files on your computer and the software will find all of the files for you 2. There is a continuous backup, so you never have to worry about scheduling 3. If you need to restore, you can do so to your pc, a USB hard drive, or a flash drive Your computer will always be protected. Plus, if Backblaze updates the software, it is automatically updated on your behalf because of always being connected to the cloud when you are on your computer.
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Review Overview

Value for Money - 93%
Storage Space - 100%
Ease-Of-Use - 95%
Features - 87%
Security & Privacy - 84%
Speed - 91%
Customer Support - 80%


Cheap & Great!

Summary : Top option for those looking for cheap unlimited backup with various features. We recommend you download the free trial to give it a try and see if you like it.

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