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Top 15 Most Destructive Computer Viruses in History

No matter how awesome your anti-virus software is, it will never be 100% virus and malware proof. Millions of hackers (and some governments) worldwide are working tirelessly to create the next supervirus that will bypass detection, spread fast and get access to all types of sensitive data. Although installing a solid anti-virus software is a good start, we can’t emphasize enough on ... Read More »

Online Backup or Cloud Storage? What is the Difference?

Storage is an important component of any business strategy, but the burning questions that always arise are, “Which is better, cloud storage or online backup? Are there any real differences between the two?” There are some subtle differences, and it’s important to know as you consider purchasing one or the other of the solutions. Here are some tips that you ... Read More »

5 Tips to Protect Yourself From The Heartbleed Bug

Have you heard of the “Heartbleed Bug”? If not, you better keep reading as this is one of the most dangerous bugs to ever hit the Internet. Heartbleed is basically a loophole in the popular encryption technology known to most web developers as OpenSSL. This bug is alarming because it compromises the protocol used to protect emails, credit card information, ... Read More »