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Quick Intro: ADrive ( is a backup solution established in 2007. The focus of the business-minded individuals that created the service was to provide reliable, simple cloud storage to users of every level.

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Although ADrive is not a very well known product in the industry, it offers the biggest free storage plan with 50GB. As of writing this review, no other backup solution offers this much GB of storage for FREE, no strings attached.

However, note that this solutions lacks a lot of features and still has a lot to improve. If you are looking for a simple & free backup service, this one is for you! The key features of this product are simplicity and security for storing, managing, and backing up files either for personal use or in a corporation. Mobile Apps and online collaboration make it easy to access and edit files when it is not possible to be in front of a computer. Seamlessly work on a big presentation on a tablet or access a saved grocery list in the car on the way to the store.

ADrive’s personal basic plan features 50GB of storage, complete with mobile Apps for both Android and iOS devices. Personal premium accounts offer monthly and yearly plans from 100GB up to 10TB of storage. Business accounts range in sizes up to 20TB to support the needs of 1000 employees. Customer support can make accommodations for businesses that need additional storage and employee access not offered in listed plans.

Where other services are criticized for limiting transfer speeds and putting a cap on large files, ADrive has made the effort to not force users under a bandwidth limitation. Users do not face an issue backing up large individual files up to 16GB in size. A major complaint that subscribers do find the ADrive is the minimal file versioning. Old files are deleted from the server once a week, making it impossible to restore a previous version if a mistake is not realized immediately.

Pros of ADrive

  • Largest free storage plan in the industry (50GB)
  • Edit documents without downloading with Zoho Editor
  • Free 30-day trial of any plan without credit card
  • SSL-encrypted transfers EXCEPT free account.
  • Data is safely backed up to multiple facilities to ensure protection from physical damage
  • Search feature for easy location of files

Cons Of ADrive

  • Uploading folders is slow
  • No automatic backup
  • File size is limited
  • Basic accounts feature Ads
  • Short File Versioning (1 week)
  • No SSL-encryption for free service

ADrive Storage Space & Pricing

Personal Basic

  • Price: Free ($0.00)
  • Space: 50GB
  • Users: 1

Personal Premium

  • Price: 30-day free trial
  • Monthly Price: $2.50 to $250
  • Annual Price: $25 to $2,500
  • 2 Year Price: $45 to $4,500
  • Space: 100GB to 20TB
  • Users: 1

There is no commitment following the 30-day trial. If a user chooses to continue service, there are plans in various size increments from a length of 1 month up to 3 years. The smallest personal premium plan is $6.95 for upgraded security features from the basic 50GB. Customers choosing a 3 year contract of 3TB or above must contact a representative for exact pricing.


  • Price: 30-day free trial
  • Monthly Price: $7 to $700
  • Annual Price: $70 to $7,000
  • 2 Year Price: $126 to $12,600
  • Space: 200GB to Unlimited
  • Users: 10 to 1000

3 year plan pricing and additional space available by contacting a representative. Each plan details the maximum amount of users that can be created to fit the needs of each individual business.

ADrive Security & Encryption

The basic free version of Adrive does not have adequate security features in place. All premium versions are secured through SSL encryption to ensure that the most sensitive files are safe. Geographic redundancy is also in place to protect customer files in multiple locations. If a natural disaster strikes in one area, information will not be compromised.

ADrive Bandwidth and Upload/Download Speed

There is no reported cap on the monthly bandwidth or speeds no matter how much activity a user has. Although ADrive does not place any limit on transfer speed, high volumes of traffic from other users or on a personal network may have an impact on speed.

ADrive File Versioning

Compared to other services, the mediocre 7 days of file versioning leaves much to be desired. In the event that an important file is saved over, it is possible to restore the original if done quickly. Once the old versions are erased, there is no way to go back for retrieval.

ADrive File Sharing

Complete freedom to share files, including large attachments, is extremely simple. A unique link is created, and there is also an option of sending an email directly from the ADrive account. Files can be removed and unshared as easily as they are made available.

ADrive Syncing

There is no automatic sync between a computer, tablet, and/or smart phone at the time that a change is made. Multiple connections can be made on all premium accounts, however, the file must be saved and backed up in order to be seen in its current state on another device.

ADrive Maximum File Size Limit

In comparison to other cloud storage services, ADrive began offering a similar 2GB limit for each individual file. A recent increase to 16GB for all uploads and downloads pushed the service far above the majority of other services by eliminating issues with the management of larger files. Free users are only allowed up to 2GB at a time.

Download: Click here to sign up & download ADrive (Free Trial Version)
1)  Sign into ADrive account
2)  From the File Manager, visit “Getting Started” page
3)  Download ADrive Desktop
4)  Install and Run

Mobile Version
1)  Open application market
2)  Search for ADrive
3)  Click Download and install

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Review Overview

Value for Money - 98%
Storage Space - 100%
Ease-of-Use - 90%
Features - 63%
Security & Privacy - 64%
Speed - 80%
Customer Support - 75%


Good Solution!

Summary : You can't beat 50GB for free! This is the ideal solution for those on a budget.

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